Who loved rocks more than Graeme?  Rocks you say, well let me tell you…. Like Graeme, rocks held so much more to discover than what non-geologist see. Graeme loved diving into the reefs or climbing mountain ranges to learn as much as possible from each and every formation. He led multiple field trips and while on vacation, was always happy to share his knowledge with anyone. 

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Thank you to all the over 350 people who attended Graeme’s funeral.  The Bloy family was heartened by the outpouring of support, love and friendship expressed through cards, emails, flowers, food and so much more.  A special thank you to Dennis Meloche for being such an amazing friend to Graeme and all of us, as well as giving us the idea to remember Graeme in a special way.

Thank you to all who wrote on the Memorial Page for Graeme, created by Evan J. Strong, without which some of this website would not be possible.  Your words meant so much to all of us.

Thank you also to Tim Bird, one of Graeme’s very best friends, for your heartfelt words:


Graeme - a life well lived He was a true friend to me over three decades. He leaves a great legacy of kindness and generosity that he showed to me in many ways. He was a counselor, a mentor and teacher, a sounding board, and an audience. I will miss making him laugh and will treasure the many memories of far away places above and under water. I will miss the times over a beer or two when we solved big questions like the meaning of life, only to forget the solution when one of us changed the subject. On being a petroleum geologist... through his contributions, Graeme deserves to be credited with many discoveries whether by building successful teams or enabling many of us in some way to make our own discoveries. I take comfort in knowing that my memories of him will fill the empty space that comes from losing him too soon.

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Bloy Companies

In May 2012, two companies came into Cow Town; Atum Consulting Ltd. and QuarterPoint Resources Ltd.  The owner of the companies, Raymonde Marie Bloy, and President / Geoscience Consultant & Advisor, Graeme Bloy, were ready to make a difference in the oil and gas industry of the world.  

The development of these companies was possible due in part to all the companies Graeme had been hired by since 1978, after coming from Edmonton, and by Graeme changing his specialty from hard rock to soft rock, black gold (oil).  Hudson’s Bay Oil and Gas followed by a long list of companies, allowed Graeme to RISK by giving him the opportunity to prove his theories and learn by his mistakes.  

As with many start-ups, we needed seed money to start.  The owners of Canada Capital Energy Corp (CCEC) of Calgary, AB, provided just that in the generous pay out Graeme received when he left the company.  We are also grateful for teachings and opportunities provided by CCEC, to expand Graeme’s knowledge base and to improve his presentation skills (Graeme was a field & technical Geologist at heart, not a natural business man).​

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Atum Consulting

Atum Consulting Ltd. worked in several capacities for 12 different companies from May 2012 until May 2018, until the books were sadly closed.  

Working with these companies provided for the special lifestyle, experiences and adventures we all enjoyed with Graeme.

At this time, because we cannot thank all the companies by name, we want to take the opportunity to thank Saad and Larissa (Lora) Ibrahim of Petro Management Group Ltd. for being the first to hire us. 

Every start up is difficult as we know so well with Blooms by Bloy,  ( New QuarterPoint Resource Ltd. / Trade Name Company ), so we also wish to thank Tallgrass Energy Corp., Drakkar Energy Ltd. and Forge Petroleum Corporation who hired us in the first six months of operation.

We would be remiss if we did not also thank Judy Rutherford for her outstanding assistance setting up the company.

Building our company took a lot of work.  During this time, people would often ask “why is Graeme working so hard?”. The only answer is because of his history, a history that included a bout with cancer that nearly took his life at the age of 18 (cancer was located just above his nose, between his eyes).  From this point on, he lived everyday as if it were his last, getting in as much as he could, until the day he died. 

At 6 AM on February 1, 2016, Graeme went into the hospital for a routine hernia operation. He had chosen the earliest appointment available because he wanted to get back to work as soon as possible. Yes, work - Graeme loved working and he felt he had just reached his mountain top experience of science! 


At this time Atum Consulting Ltd. worked for Deer Garden Resources Ltd. and Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd.  On Thursday, January 28, 2016, six months to the day after Graeme and Raymonde made the decision to continue working with SOG, we had a family dinner with our children, happy to share the part we played in the growth and success of SOG.  Graeme’s dream of exploiting the Marlowe Muskeg Play became a reality after over 35 years.  The opportunity was given, everything came together, and the results were Graeme and the Team unearthed and discovered a 1-billion-barrel reserve of light oil in situ. The most significant discovery in the last decade in Canada!  A huge successful for the Board of Directors and Shareholders, for Mr. Sawhney and his staff at SOG, and definitely for Atum Consulting Ltd. and the Bloy family.

Unfortunately, as we all know, Graeme never left the hospital that day.

Despite the pain and struggles experienced from that day forward, we were also blessed by the help and well wishes by so many people around us. A special thank you to Frank Yu and Tracy Dai of Deer Garden Resources, for the wonderful gift of paying the funeral expenses of Graeme.

Also, a special thank you to SOG for making Graeme’s dream come true and for the beautiful arrangement of flowers, card and picture below that we will cherish forever.

Thank you as well to the staff of SOG for putting up with Graeme’s loud music and his goofy ways.  In particular, thank you to Gurpreet Singh Sawhney & Amanda LeBlanc who were with Graeme in the core lab to see the results of his dream come true on Thursday, January 28th.

Graeme, the man with such a wonderful smile, would have had that big smile on his face had he not been trying to hide the pain he was in.