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On February 1, 2016, at the age of 62, Graeme Richard Bloy passed away. Graeme is survived by his loving wife, Raymonde Marie Bloy and their two children, Fraser and Laurier.  

Many people wonder why create a website now, in honor of Graeme.  The answer is simple, it's for healing.  In memorializing Graeme’s life, through pictures and stories, his spirit is kept alive, his impact is forever remembered, and his family and friends can heal, knowing he is not forgotten.


Graeme can best be remembered as having an unbelievable energy for life and a smile that was contagious. He was an accomplished geoscientist; a petroleum geologist, an amazing family man, a terrific friend to all who knew him, and a man whose passion for life was unparalleled.  He was a counselor, a mentor and teacher to all who knew him, he will be missed.

Graeme Bloy

- Born July 3rd, 1953

- Died February 1, 2016

- Wife: Raymonde Marie Bloy

- Sons: Fraser and Laurier

Graeme was a loving husband, father, friend,    geoscientist, adventurer and nature lover.

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The Bloy family would appreciate your help completing this site by sending us your special memories, stories or photos. We look forward to hearing from you.

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