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Family Life

Graeme & Raymonde

The love story of Graeme and Raymonde Bloy began the fall of 1974 at the U of A during a swimming course. Despite the astrological cautions that a Cancer sign as Water and a Libra sign as Air would only create waves (as these two elements do), the couple said “I do” on September 11, 1976.


From the beginning, they shared a friendship, a love and an appetite for adventure.  They travelled the world together, discovering beautiful reefs and majestic mountains. They shared a passion for life and the world around them. 

Fraser & Laurier

Life was forever changed on May 25, 1984 and again on December 22, 1985 when Graeme and Raymonde were blessed with their sons Fraser (Sarena) and Laurier.  Graeme considered being a parent to his two boys one of his greatest accomplishments.  

Family was always a big part of Graeme’s life, no matter how busy he was in the business world.  He was an active participant in the responsibilities and joys of parenthood.  Graeme was volunteer for Boy Scouts when his children were young, and continued as a mentor and positive role model that helped shaped the boys into young men.  Graeme instilled the virtues of love, respect and trust in his boys. His teachings and memories fill a special space in our hearts.   

Parents & Family

As part of the British and later Canadian military family, the Bloys enjoyed time in England, Germany and Canada. When his father Richard retired from the military, the family settled in Edmonton, Alberta.  At that time there were five; Richard (father), Betty (mother), Graeme, Kim (brother) and Donna (sister).  


Growing up on both sides of the pond (Europe and Canada), always provided adventure for Graeme and his family. Attending school, playing outdoors, camping, celebrating birthdays or other occasions throughout the year, and even the day-to-day, all helped shape Graeme into the adventurous, caring, and compassionate man he was. 

Graeme’s family grew exponentially when he married Raymonde.  It was with great joy that he was able to forge many close relationships with several members of Raymonde’s vast family over the years.

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