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Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Diving deep into the depth of the ocean was a perfect day for Graeme.  He shared this wonder with his family and others who dared venture into the murky water world with him.  The South Pacific and Caribbean filled his life with treasured memories.  Beautiful fish, amazing plants and reefs completed any day he dove.

Graeme was an avid supporter of the The Pacific Ocean Foundation.

His thrill for discovery, passion for learning and desire to share it all with his family and friends was amazing.  These pictures show a little of what Graeme enjoyed in the depths. 

Raymonde’s Tribute to Graeme & Dive Partner Laurier. 

Many many moons ago, Your Dad & I went for a well deserved holiday to the Grand Cayman Island, so your Dad could go scuba diving.

All my life I worried about your Dad and his health, and I would often wait either on the shore or the dock, by the pool, or just hanging around the resort ( always in prayer ) waiting for Dad.

To my surprise the dive boat came back early one day.  Your Dad had been diving with a family, and the Father died of a heart attack (your Dad had tried to save his life). 

That afternoon we went for a very long long walk on the beach.  The next day, Mom went on the dive boat with your Dad and forced him to get back into the water and go scuba diving - all the time snorkelling above him.

The next day he was back on the dive boat and I waited for him to come back.  After years of scuba dives, PADI stopped counting - your Dad had become a Master Scuba Diver.

 Laurier your decision to continue to scuba dive was very pleasing to your Dad and the trip to our home in Maui for New Years Eve ( 2013 / 2014 ) was a fantastic scuba diving adventure for him.

We knew Dad’s diving days were coming to an end, that’s why I booked a trip for You and your Dad, to the Grand Caymans Island Dec. 2014 so you could go PLAY.

Thank you for being such a fantastic scuba diver and for allowing your Dad to experience your love of his sport and take fantastic photos of you in our Beautiful Oceans.

Knowing your Dad so Well, he is saying - “Get back into the water Laurier”. 

For the rest of us, Let’s do something to keep the waters of the world clean and think about what Graeme promoted “Water is Life”.

Hiking & Walkabouts

A nature lover through and through. Graeme loved to hike, whether it was a walk on the beach, a hike in the mountains or a trek through the bush. He was always on the go, learning and discovering all that the world would show him. 

Graeme loved to walk alone when he had the opportunity. Although in Spain with several friends, three consecutive years in a row, he cherished his chance to walk part of the Camino de Santiago on his own.

This fall (2018) Graeme had intended to walk the entire journey on his own from France, over the Alps all the way to De Santiago de Compostela.


Graeme believed the spirit of Christmas lived in each of our capacity to make others feel loved and to put the needs of others before our own. He lived his life this way, every day of the year, but at Christmas it was especially apparent. There is just something mystical and magical about Christmas. Graeme made sure everyone knew what it was to feel the Christmas spirit, and loved to play or goof around like Jim Carey in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


Graeme loved to capture life through photography.  Instead of trying to create the perfect photo, he looked to discover the beauty in every day life.  He understood how important it was to capture a moment in time, before it was gone.

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